Phone Systems

An IP PBX or phone system uses your high-speed fiber optic Internet connection to allow high-quality calling connections. Using a soft phone or IP deskphone, users can make and receive calls from any location with an internet connection – and appear as if in the office.

Unified Communications, or UC as we call it, lets you combine and streamline your communication tools. Just as a tool box helps a mechanic be more organized, UC organizes various communication methods. This helps customers and colleagues get a hold of you, no matter where you are.

Say you are waiting on an important phone call from a big client. Normally, you would be stuck at your desk, staring at the phone, waiting for it to ring. With UC, you can feel free to move around – even leave the office. Tools like simultaneous ring, call forwarding and CRM integration ensure that your client can reach you. That means increased productivity for you and better service for your customer. Both lead to a better bottom line.

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Do you need analog, digital and/or IP telephones? Mitel has developed a complete range of communications platforms designed to meet the needs of any business and provide the tools to improve productivity and efficiency for a tangible return on investment. Plus, Mitel has revolutionized IP communications by offering a VM Ware platform to improve flexible deployment and accommodate network scalability planning.

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SDN Phone Systems Articles:

"The new phone system paid for itself in six months by dramatically changing how we communicate with our customers and internally with ourselves."

Scott Johnson

Dakota Digital