Servers & Virtualization

Servers and Server Virtualization

If you have more than 5 or 6 employees, it is time to consider a server network. Servers make it easier to secure the network and share resources.

This equipment will manage, store, send and process data 24x7x365. In addition, servers offer:

  • File and network security – ensure the security of your network resources and sensitive data.
  • Increased reliability – IT staff have less equipment to manage, making it easier to maintain, update and monitor.
  • Centralized data storage and backup – if one computer goes down, employees can still access all information from another computer.
  • Virus management – servers make it easier to manage virus protection. It eliminates many threats on a global scale before they have a chance to infect individual PCs.

SDN offers servers from:


Traditionally, servers are used for one operating system and/or application. This often leaves them highly underutilized.  Virtualization allows you to use one server for multiple applications, saving time and money.

Virtualized servers are much easier and faster to configure. Set up for a new system or application can take minutes instead of days. “Dynamic allocation of resources” makes it easy to change to accommodate new applications and operating system upgrades.

Virtualization also provides the first step in a phased disaster recovery solution by allowing you to back up critical systems that are no longer supported.