Next-Gen 911

Next-Gen 911 (e-911)

Technology has changed our interactions, especially when it comes to emergency response systems. The next generation of 911 (next gen or e-911) systems has to incorporate that new technology, including cell phones, VoIP systems and rapid response generation.

If your organization is considering implementing e-911, you probably have several concerns. Among them:

  • The public expects your system to be able to handle any emergency situation. Right now, you are limited by the amount and type of information that can be managed and processed.
  • You’re worried your equipment is out-of-date and cannot handle the latest communication technology methods.
  • The constraint of your legacy design puts the public at risk by limiting your interconnectivity with neighboring PSAPs during times of emergency.

SDN is a certified Cassidian Communications (formerly PlantCML) dealer. Our experts understand what you are going through and are here to help you through the entire process.