About SDN

SDN is the biggest fiber optic network in the region. Here’s what we do:


  • We connect businesses – Generally our customers have a main office and branch locations, like a bank or health care system. Our fiber allows businesses to share electronic information over a secure network so they can better serve their customers.
  • We are the internet – Virtually every K12 school, university and state government office in the region accesses the internet via SDN.
  • We haul information – The big telecommunications companies come to SDN because they can deal with one company to move data through 30,000 miles of fiber in the Upper Great Plains.
  • We help South Dakota telephone companies – They’re our owners and we’re their hub for long distance, internet and cable TV.
  • We sell equipment – All the equipment that makes your broadband connection work - IP phone systems, Cisco routers, and managed firewall services.


Watch the video below to learn more about SDN or click here to download an overview.

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